Down to Earth             Welcome to all !

A journey to some new insights on preparedness, Fitness and Health. I firmly believe that fitness is the most important prep and helps instill clear mindedness and clarity of thought. I am also convinced that being aware of the many illusions we all live under in this society is critical information. The illusions are a great hindrance to our clarity and well being. Understanding the ILLUSIONS is the first step to avoiding them. That is knowledge and knowledge is our power !    

Enjoy the topics and perhaps some help to get fit and healthy. There are also some ideas about your own personal inner journey. All of these concepts are critical to preparedness. Even if no catastrophe happens you will still enjoy the many benefits of fitness and health everyday, right now ! And having understanding of the many illusions will only make your life much easier and far less stressful. There really is a wizard behind every curtain and event. Also Emergency Water filtration Purification kits and supplies, Gardening, Firearms, Self Defense, Political and economic pages and a new Humor page and Pat Cascio page. This site is about some slightly different thinking for preparedness and does NOT give long list of items to hoard, there is already an abundance of that material available. But practical Down to Earth concepts to improve your everyday life and your preparedness based on common sense and knowledge. I have experienced all the topics listed first hand and live it all daily. My reference point is not simply premises, but hands on in the field experience of many years, and it is all for free !  With no ads or popups. We simply ask you to support us by purchasing our excellent products....  Enjoy.                                       


                                         Below is an overview of each page and highlighted links to all pages                                                    

Emergency Water Filtration  and purification page is about our emergency water filtration and purification kit and all associated products. It is all explained in great detail and gives easy purification methods and a link to purchase all products. 5 videos at bottom of that page give all information and use. And the new cloth filters are available.

Fitness and Health page is all about our own ability to achieve the most important prep of all. Specific workouts and routines are discussed with nutrition and eating habit suggestions that WORK and are flexible for your own personal needs! Also some food tips and nutrition ideas. Lots of good information from a 65 year old guy that healed himself from a serious disabling accident and overcame the obstacles.  All with the power of the mind and a little self discipline and guidance from prayer and meditation. Anybody can do this ! The "Our Powers" page comes into play as well and is useful to this page .

Firearms and Ammo  page is information and discussion to help people make good decisions in procuring their weapons. It also introduces Jim Reser as our go to Gun Smith mechanic. Also offers all manner of  good Down to Earth ideas and information on the use and familiarization of firearms. Consulting and one on one training are available.

Self Defense  page gives some real life experiences on self defense and discusses the proper perspectives of the subject for everyday life and emergency scenarios. It also points out the importance of Fitness and how that affects your confidence and overall abilities to take the necessary actions to defend yourself in any situation. In the end, it is all how you think about it, and your confidence from your Fitness training.

Politics and Economics wizardry page gives a detailed overview and information about what has really happened here in USA since 2007. Many links, articles and videos are available for your guidance and understanding of all the "insanity" that has taken place in recent times. As well as all manner of sources to gain full understanding of the many Illusions in the political and economic fiasco's that have been perpetrated on all of us. Against our own desires and will !

Down a Rabbit Hole  page is an elaboration on the insane events that are ever present and ongoing in politics , economics and our social fabric. Lots of examples and discussion with many links and videos and some music that fits the theme. I have sprinkled some music here and there thruout all the topics pages because it seemed to fit  and was very appropriate. This page is an amplified politics and economics overlay with emphasis on the many illusions we are all forced to live in. Interesting stuff to be sure.

Our Inner Powers  page is about how we can be aware of and tap into our inner powers and higher self. Nothing mystical or magical, just common sense and a bit of open minded clarity. The Illusions keep us from reaching this place most of the time, but we can easily change that by our own THINKING. Try it you will like it and it will greatly enhance your preparedness and your everyday life and overall well being, no matter what may occur.

What if Scenarios  page is a discussion and ideas about potential emergency scenarios. This page will be expanded to include specifics and actions to be taken to survive whatever may come? Although the most likely scenarios are discussed, there are many more potentialities. Take your pick of potential events there are numerous to choose from these days.

Gardening  page is about gardening as an ongoing experiment of what to grow and how to grow it. Also topics like sprouting for food and gardening ideas that make it a bit easier. Also some herbs and wild mushrooms and such things. This page will also be expanded going forward with food ideas and meals. Also some food and nutrition tips that go along well with fitness page !

Health and other uses  page is about additional potential uses of Coconut charcoal like detoxing, animal feed additive, snake and insect bites, food and other poisoning? Pretty incredible stuff actually. Charcoal has been used for thousands of years for all manner of health and water filtering purposes. It is a natural remedy for many conditions. The Egyptians documented its use  as well . A definite have on hand item for preparedness, for lots of valid reasons . Many good uses .

Humor  page features cartoons by Steve Bowers and I add some nuggets here and there that pop up ! You must admit some of the stuff you CANNOT make up and is beyond STUPID in this country so you gotta poke fun at some of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

ABOUT this Guy page is some information about " Down to Earth Prepper".  I have experienced many life or death events and give some but not all of those events. It would be too many to list and a book would be necessary. But some interesting, informative and useful experiences and perspectives to draw on for preparedness. Inner Powers page below relates to this as well.

Pat Cascio page..   Many of you are already quite familiar with Pat. He has been writing in many publications for decades, long before there was an internet and a magazine was actually a thing you held in your hand and read it ! Pat is especially keen on firearms and knife reviews but also does a lot of outdoor gear and outdoor product reviews as well. He has become the  Go To  guy for such reviews in many circles. This man has a lot of experience and savvy ! And that is something we cherish and respect.

Many additional uses for Coconut charcoal. This rattle snake almost bit me in 2013 and I now carry charcoal with me all the time.  There are many Aryuvedic uses and many other uses as well. Interesting stuff to be sure !  Look close and you can see his head and rattlers. Good for different detox as well. See list in the links of chemicals and poisons it will absorb. Awesome stuff !